Bicycle mechanic review of Lezyne RAP II 25 CO2 multi-tool

Lezyne RAP II 25 CO2 - Multi-Tool Review

Lezyne is very much at top of the list for quality, styling and price. The RAP II series represents an affordable range of multi-tools with some excellent features.

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Good Bits

  • Looks awesome and wouldn’t be amiss in a James Bone. Movie
  • CO2 dispenser is a bonus
  • Great range of functions
  • Chrome vanadium (Cr-V)  hardened quality steel bits
  • Premium tool brand with high quality precision engineering
  • Longer bits for better reach

Bad Bits

  • Really expensive!
  • Fairly heavy at 195g
  • Fiddly neoprene wrap
  • No tubeless needle and plug tool 
  • Bulky and lumpy for pockets.

Who are Lezyne and the RAP series multi-tool?


Lezyne was founded in March 2007 by German native Micki Kozuschek, previously he used to sell high-quality bikes and clothing and also founded another company manufacturing OEM aftermarket parts, which got bought by SRAM. Micki started up Lezyne to produce high quality precision accessories at a time when most other brands were mass producing inferior quality products. His goal which still stands today is Engineered Design and wow, does it show!

Lezyne RAP II multi-tools sit in the middle of the price range of their other products, offering great balance of functions to price point. The top of the range multi tools from Lezyne the “super V” and the “V Pro” are more compact but offer a similar level of functionality to the RAP II however the price is much higher so the RAP II feels great value for money.

What does the multi-tool look like?


So whats it like? Well in a word, Awesome. From the looks of the tool to the functionality everything about this multi-tool says “i’m going to get you home and look good doing it” 

The styling of this multi tool is like something out of a secret agent style movie, its all matte black with white accents make it look like some form of stealth coating, I just love the look of this thing

Machined aluminium body plates are used to form the frame of the tool along with socket hex bolts holding it together. The bolts can be used to tighten the tool to adjust the amount of friction for the tool bits. The tool body side plates are ergonomically shaped for comfortable use of the tool. The shape also produces some pronounced points towards the ends of the body plates.

The tool bits of the RAP II series are made from a constant thickness piece of steel relative to the bit size so that when they wrap around the frame bolts they produce a varied profile shape. The larger hex keys have a profile diameter that is larger than the frame side plates.  

The tool is of a similar size to other tools on the market, however, this one is bordering on a super heavyweight class weighing in at 195g something to bear in mind for the weight conscious riders.

This tool is a 25 function tool, it has a good array of tools to cover most eventualities. The tool bits are mainly made from high tensile steel Cr-V and precision machined for an excellent fit. The tool bits are also made longer than some other multi-tools, which is fantastic for those hard to reach bolts. 

One of the most exciting features is the CO2 dispenser tool, vital to the tubeless riders if you get a puncture while out riding, however quite perplexing and somewhat frustrating is the lack of a tubeless needle and repair plugs to complement the CO2 dispenser tool. 

What functions does it have?


Tool functions include:

  • Hex Keys: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8
  • Torx Keys: T10/T25/T30
  • Flat head Screwdriver
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Quick link storage
  • Steel chain breaker
  • Wrench: 8/10mm
  • Spoke wrench: 0/1/2/3
  • Valve core tool 
  • Rotor truing tool
  • CO2 Dispenser

Public opinions


What do others think of the tool? The majority of feedback from research is that the tool is excellent value for money and super refined with a fantastic level of functionality. The tool is not without complaints however, the main gripe is the tool’s size and weight making it bulky and lumpy to carry a bit of a pack only type of tool rather than a pocket tool.

There was also a complaint about the neoprene band being a bit fiddly to get on and off, this could be annoying when you are frustrated with having a mechanical failure on your bike. 

Final thoughts


This tool is beautiful in looks but is very much on the larger chunky size, its corners on the side body plates, the CO2 dispenser tool and the large hex keys can make the overall shape quite bumpy. This could cause uncomfortable pressure points when carried in a pocket next to your body relegating this too to the kit bag only.

I love the precision engineering that has gone into this tool to give excellent tolerances and quality materials. The shear number of functions available is fantastic and well worth the expense.

Now for my biggest gripe with this tool, why have a CO2 dispenser if you don”t have any tubeless repair tools? It seems a bit pointless going through the effort of having a CO2 dispenser if you can’t fix the hole in your tyre without another set of tools? If you downgrade to the RAP II 20 you can get the tubeless tyre repair kit but you are sacrificing other tools to get it.

Bottom line?


Would i recommend it? For its design and quality Yes, but, there are other multi tools that offer an equally good level of functionality worth checking most notably the Topeak P20/P30 or Crankbrothers M20

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