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Item 1 - 270Nm Cordless Impact Driver (Ryobi)

A good impact wrench is one of those tools that you wonder why you have never had one before once you have tried one. 

This one from Ryobi offers a good deal of torque, suitable for the majority of circumstances. It is affordable, comes with a battery and Ryobi quality. A great option for someone wanting to make an investment in an impact wrench without breaking the bank.

Item 2 - Cordless Combi Drill and Impact Driver Set (Bosch Pro.)

Bosch Pro is for when you are serious about your workshop tools and want to invest in a professional quality brand. 

With this set you are making a worthy investment, you will have those rivets drilled out and bottom brackets extracted in confidence that you have the right kit for the job. 

The best bit is, with this set you are covered for most of those DIY jobs at home too.

Item 3 - 300Nm Cordless Impact Driver (Bosch Pro.)

Bring on the big guns!

In true Bosh Professional style, this is the ultimate impact driver for your workshop inventory. 

There will be very, very few things that cannot be undone with one of these. 

Complete with cary case, charger and battery, this thing is a beast. Just go steady when using one, there is enough torque to cause some serious damage!

Item 4 - Cordless Combi Drll (Ryobi)

Item 5 - 700W Drill (Bosch)

Item 6 - Cordless Angle Grinder Kit (Ryobi)

Item 7 - Cordless Angle Grinder (Bosch Prof. - No Battery)

Item 8 - Bench Grinder 150mm dia. Wheels

Item 9 - Dremel Rotary Multi Tool

Item 10 - Bench Grinder Polishing Kit

Item 11 - Drill Polishing Kit

Item 12 - Angle Grinder Rust Remover Discs

Item 13 - Drill Wire Rust Remover

Item 14 - HSS Drill Set (Metric)

Item 15 - Tap and Die Set

Item 16 - Impact Driver Socket Set (1/2 Inch)

Item 17 - Impact Driver Screwdriver Bit Set

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