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Wrenches and Keys

Park Tool 15mm Cone Wrench

  • 15mm jaw opening width
  • 2mm thickness
  • Plastic coated handle
  • High strength tool steel

A 15mm cone wrench is a standard fit for most bicycle wheels to service bearings or replace axles. It’s a great investment, and highly recommend for any bike tool kit. This tool is high quality and part of our standard tool kit, it’s tried and tested by big beardy!

Park Tool 20 Tooth Bottom Bracket Tool

  • 20 Tooth Bottom Bracket Tool
  • Made from Cr-mo (impact driver compatible)
  • Suitable for Shimano/isis drive
  • 1/2 inch socket fit on rear.

A good, affordable tool for removing the majority of Shimano bottom brackets. This tool is made from Cr-mo which is ideal for impact drivers and forms part of our standard tool kit. Please note, always check your bike for the exact bottom bracket tool as there are many different types.

Topeak Chain Whip

  • Hardened steel whip chain
  • Engineering grade plastic handle
  • suitable for most cassettes
  • 290mm long

This is an easily affordable chain whip tool from Topeak for removing the majority of cassettes along with a cassette removal tool. It’s great for occasional use and would suit most instances, it’s great for general use but if you need something more substantial check out the park tool alternative.

Park Tool Heavy Duty Chain Whip

  • Tool length is approximately 380mm
  • Heat treated steal head
  • compatible with cassettes up to 12 speed
  • Professional grade tool

When you start getting serious as a bike mechanic and need a reliable chain whip to hold a cassette firmly in place without worrying about it breaking on you then this is your fella! This is what the bike shop professionals use, is mor expensive than your cheaper versions but you definitely get what you pay for.

Knipex Pliers Set

  • 3 piece set (long nose, combination and side cutters)
  • Made from Cr-V, drop forged, hardened and tempered.
  • Longer handles for greater application of force.

This plier set, although not the cheapest, will outlast cheaper tools many times over. They are made from chrome vanadium alloy steel which has been drop forged, hardened and tempered so they have superior strength and hardness over budget tools. Their longer handles will mean it is easier to apply a larger leverage force to the tool head and the comfort grip will reduce fatigue on your hands while using them. Well worth the purchase!

Amazon Basics Hex Keys (Allen keys)

  • 26 piece metric and imperial
  • Made from high strength chrome vanadium tool steel.
  • Ball tip for turning the key at an angle to the fixing.
  • Marked storage case for easy access and identification.

This is Amazon Basics hex key set, they represent a great low cost investment for occasional use in a domestic workshop. The high strength chrome vanadium steel should provide plenty of durability for most jobs. 

Wera Premium Hex Keys (Allen keys)

  • 1.5mm to 10mm Hex Keys.
  • Tips are machined precisely for better fit.
  • round cross section for increased strength.
  • plastic colour coded sleeve.
  • ball tip on long shank

These hex keys are more of an investment for your tool kit, they are high quality and heavy duty premium tools. They are precision machined to fit the socket helping to prevent rounding of the socket head. The plastic coating is colour coded for easy recognition of key size and gives a more comfortable grip in cold environments. The sizes range from 1.5mm to 10mm covering the majority of sizes on a bike. These tools are unique in that they have a round cross section thereby geometrically increasing the strength of the tool.

Wera Premium Torx Keys

  • T8 to T4O
  • Wera precision machining to ensure secure fit
  • Round stock bar for increased strength
  • Colour coded and marked for easy tool identification
  • Ball tip on long sank for angled operation

Like their hex key cousins, these Torx keys are by no means the cheapest but what they are is a professional qualiy tool. They are precision machined with Wera’s excellent quality control, this ensures a good fit between tool and fixing resulting in less tool slippage and damage. The great plastic coating not only helps to easily identify the tool but it is also more comfortable to hold during cold weather. The size range is T8 to T40, which coves just about every fixing size on your bike. Again, these tools are made from round stock bar so geometrically they have a greater cross section and better strength.

Bacho Adjustable Wrench (Shifter Spanner)

  • Standard handle length of 200mm.
  • forged from a single piece of high alloy steel for strength and durability.
  • Precision hardened to resist tool damage.

The humble adjustable wrench, no workshop complete without them. This particular one is from a long standing quality brand. It is made from high alloy steel likely to be chrome vanadium with precision hardening to the jaws to give good strength and durability. The price is very competitive for such a quality tool and is well worth buying two. 

Wera Screw Driver Set (6 pieces)

  • 6 piece set including pozidrive, flat and Philips.
  • Hardened alloy steel.
  • Ergonomic handle for less fatigue and greater torque.
  • Wall mountable rack.

Every household needs a set of screwdrivers. These are made by German manufacturer Wera, who are synonymous with quality screwdrivers. These have an ergonomic handle to help reduce fatigue during use, the other benefit is that you can apply more torque due to the better grip you will have on the tool. The metal is alloy tool steel likely to be chrome vanadium, which is hardened at the tip to prevent tool damage and ensure good strength of the tool.

Sealey Long Handle Breaker Bar

  • Long handle (750mm) for extra torque.
  • 1/2 inch spring retention socket drive.
  • The knuckle head can be replaced wig damaged.
  • Cr-V hardened and tempered handle for high strength

The breaker bar, a must have tool for anyone serious about being a bike mechanic. When all else fails to do the job and things start getting real, the breaker bar will be sure to persuade things to move again. A typical scenario for this tool is to free up a stuck bottom bracket. Be sure the tool you attach to the 1/2in drive is good quality too or you will end up with lots of broken tool pieces to sweep up. These things can generate enough torque to twist your bike frame and should be used with care. 

Norbar 40-200Nm Heavy Duty Torque wrench

  • 40Nm to 200Nm torque settings
  • 1/2 Inch square drive
  • Accuracy to +/- 3%
  • Calibrated
  • Professional quality

Stop stripping those threads over tightening the nuts and hit the correct torque. 

This torque wrench has an upper torque limit that will cater for the majority of bikes on the market.

It’s expensive but its a professional level tool. Its a tool where I recommend you go straight to the top for quality and accuracy. You don’t want to skimp when it comes to torquing bike components.

Wera 2.5-25Nm Small Torque Wrench

Park Tool Cassette Removal Tool (Shimano comp.)

Park Tool Cotterless Crank Remover

Park Tool Chain Breaker Tool (Premium)

Topeak Chain Breaker Tool (Budget)

Park Tool Pedal Wrench

Draper Cable Cutters

Park Tool Tyre Levers

Silverline Chain Wear Indicator Tool

Sealey Socket Set

Siegen Combination Spanner Set

Park Tool Bottom Bracket Hook Tool

Park Tool Headset Wrench 32/36mm

Magnetic Pick-up Tool

Park Tool Spoke Wrench Key

Park Tool Disc Rotor Truing Fork

Park Tool Pin Wrench (SPA-2)

Cyclo Pro Freewheel Tool (Not Free Hub!!!)

Park Tool Master Link Pliers

US Pro Pick Set

Minoura FT-1 Wheel Truing Stand (Budget)

Park Tool Wheel Truing Stand (Premium)

Truing Stand Axle Adapter

Spoke Tension Measuring Tool

Park Tool Portable Wheel Dishing Gauge

Dial Test Indicator (DTI)

Knipex 125mm Plier Wrench

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