Bicycle mechanic review of PRO Bike Tool 20 in 1 multi-tool

PRO Bike Tool 20 in 1 Multi-Tool Review

Full review of one of the relative newcomers to bicycle accessories. A good allrounder bike multi-tool.

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Good Bits

  • Compact and light weight
  • Includes slim bag
  • Alloy steel bits and aluminium body
  • 360 deg tool bit movement

Bad Bits

  • Poor tool bit tolerance 
  • Hex keys too short
  • Quality may not “feel” as good as others

Who are PRO Bike Tools?


Pro bike tools are relatively new to the bike tool scene, founded in 2015 you have no doubt seen a lot of their branded products when shopping for any bike tool on Amazon. But how good are their products? 

What does the PRO Bike Tool  20 in 1 multi-tool look like?


The Pro Bike Tool 20 in 1 Multi-Tool is their largest bike multi tool offering, it’s approximately 5cm x 5cm x 1cm and weighs in at 137g giving it a slim and lightweight design. It’s finished in chrome plated “alloy steel” bits with an aluminium body for that all metal shiny look. The slim design is great for storing in bags or pockets taking up minimal room, however, the width of the tool could make it unwieldy in smaller hands.

The bits are precision machined from an “alloy Steel” there is no confirmation what this alloy is but a best guess is that it’s a chrome vanadium high tensile steel (Cr-V) which is common for the majority of hand tools. 

What functions does it have?


The range of tools are as follows:

  • Hex keys (mm): 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8
  • Torx: T25 and T30
  • Phillips Head 2 (PH2)
  • Flat Head 5
  • Spoke Wrench: 3.2mm/3.5mm/Mavic M7/ Mavic M9
  • Wrench (mm): 8/9/10
  • Chain Tool 8 and 12 speed splitter
  • Valve core tool

The list of functions is fairly comprehensive, in comparison it has most tools other manufacturers provide on their products. I like the fact the chain splitter is flexible enough to accommodate up to 12 speed chains as some products will only go up to 10 speed, however it does not cater for quick link chains. The other point of note is the 8mm hex key is a loose socket adapter, this is small and can easily be lost if not careful.

Public opinions


Research turned up a complaint from product reviews about quality control of the hex bit sizes, the dimensions of the hex bits was smaller than the indicated sizes and ended up rounding off the bit. This review was one of a kind though and the majority of reviewers were happy with no credible complaints.

Final thoughts


As always bike multi tools are a personal thing, you need to make a judgment as to the types of bits you are likely to use. The Pro Bike brand, although relatively new seem to have some great quality tools in their range and have a good warranty on their tools, which is always a good sign the company has confidence in the quality of their products.

This tool is slightly more expensive than some other multi tools and the number of functions are fairly generic across most brands making it a bit average and run of the mill. It’s slim and relatively lightweight, perfect to slip into a pocket or bag and it looks great too with it’s all metal precision machined finish.

Tool bits are quoted as being precision CNC machined so tolerance should be good, however, research turned up one user having said the hex bits were smaller. This was one case and wouldn’t put me off buying it but to be on the safe side, I would measure the hex bits to make sure they are what they say they are. 

Watch out for the loose socket hex bit!

Bottom line


If you are after a nice looking compact multi-tool with a general range of functions rather than specific ones then this will do you nicely. Yes, i would recommend it.

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