Bicycle mechanic review of Topeak Mini P20 multi-tool

Topeak Mini P20 - Multi-Tool Review

Topeak produce some fantastic bicycle accessories. This is the full review of the compact Topeak Mini P20

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Good Bits

  • Master link tool
  • Good range of spoke wrenches
  • Quality Cr-V tool bits
  • Extended tool bit tips
  • Small and compact
  • Feels solid when in use

Bad Bits

  • Locking knife blade is not compatible with uk knife law for carrying without “good reason”
  • Embossed Logo can feel a bit too proud when using
  • No 10mm hex as previous older version
  • Flat blade screw driver removed

Who are Topeak?


Topeak has been around since 1991 when the brought to market their “survival tool box” a kind of precursor to their first multi-tool, which was the Alien Multi-tool in 1996. Topeak have a long history of award winning multi-tools and is considered “The Brand” to look for when buying them.

The Mini P20 is an update to their award winning Mini 20 Pro. The main differences being the addition of a knife blade and the removal of the 10mm hex key and the flat blade screwdriver. 

What does the Topeak Mini P20 look like?


The tool body side panels have been remodeled from chunky aluminium flat bars to thin, lightweight, smooth, forged pieces. They look more sleek and refined giving the tool a more premium feel. The body panels are available in three different colours; black, gold and silver. I have to say the silver is my favourite because it is less likely to show up surface scratches when the tool gets dropped or thrown in a bag with other tools

The newer Mini P20 has been put on a diet too compared to its older counterpart, which measures 7.6×4.2×1.8cm and 151g the new Mini P20 measures 7.4×2.9×1.8cm and weighs 131g. That’s a 20g saving while simultaneously reducing the width by 1.3cm and keeping a 20 tool functionality. This size reduction is very welcome for weight conscious riders with limited space for kit.

This tool comes with a great neoprene case that covers all the tool bits and leaves no sharp bits sticking out to catch on other kit in your bag.

What functions does it have?


So what’s the tool line up on this little gem?

  • Hex tools: 2/3/4/5/6/8 socket
  • Torx: T15/T25
  • Spoke wrench: 14G/15G/Mavic M7/Shimano 4.5mm
  • Cr-Mo tel chain tool
  • Cr-Mo Master link tool
  • #2 Philips screwdriver
  • Serrated Knife/saw

Public opinions


What did people think of this tool? When checking through customer reviews it was hard to find any major fault. Everyone seemed to love the tool and I can understand why. One thing that did stand out was the addition of the knife blade, the blade locks, which in the UK means it is illegal to carry the tool without good reason.

Another person felt the embossed logo was a bit too pronounced and was a little uncomfortable in the hand during use. This was only one case though and we do not know anything about the customers hand physiology so I have to say “pinch of salt” to that one

Final thoughts


I really really like this tool, it’s sleek, elegant, compact and is on the lighter end of the scales, however, that locking knife although potentially very useful could land you in trouble with the police if they discover this tool in your possession. 

Also, the 8mm hex key is a loose socket that sits on the 6mm hex key. Personally, I really don’t like loose pieces in my multi tools, it’s just going to get lost at some point and I would rather not worry about if it’s still connected or not.

A master link tool? Yes please! Combined with the chain breaker that makes this multi tool one of the most versatile 20 bit tools on the market.

Bottom line


If you don’t mind that blade and you are compliant with any knife laws then this tool is about as good as you will get for the price. A great addition to your kit bag.

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