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Bicycle mechanic pedros vise whip 2 review
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Pedros Vise Whip 2 - Review

Pedros Vise Whip 2 - upgraded jaw profile from the original design, made from hardened tool steel and is adjustable to fit your gears to quickly and easily remove your cassette without a chain in sight. Is this the natural evolution from those cumbersome, knuckle bashing chain whips?

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The Problem With Whips and Chains

Ahh chain whips! The amount of times these things have slipped when in use only for some lovely oil and dirt caked cassette teeth to relieve my hands of copious amounts of skin. Not only that but they can be a faff to set them correctly and some, I have simply broke the chains. 

What if there was a tool that was simple to use, that didn’t involve a chain and was secure enough it wouldn’t easily slip off when applying more force than King Kong could?

Well, it turns out you can! The new and improved Pedros Vise Whip 2 is a master stroke in cassette removal tools.

So, Who are Pedros Anyway?

Pedros was originally founded in 1989 by Andrew Herrick and Bruce Fina. Their initial product was Syn Lube a wet chain lubricant designed for wet muddy conditions. This lube had superior properties at the time and quickly became coveted amongst cyclists.

Pedros is based in New England, most of their tools are designed and engineered in the United States then manufactured in Taiwan.

By 2000 they had a complete line or professional bicycle repair and maintenance tools, today they are one of the leading “go-to” brands for professional cycling workshop staff.

Pedros Vise Whip 2 - Specifications at a Glance

Product Spec. List From Pedros

  • Updated jaws work on track cogs, cog & BB lockrings, e-bike chainrings and cassettes
  • Made from heat treated alloy tool steel for strength and long lasting performance.
  • Updated adjustment knob features gear size indication for quick reference of the current tool setting
  • Adjustable plier design securely locks in place ensuring positive engagement and preventing slippage
  • Fits 9-23 tooth gear sizes and 40-46mm OD lockrings with opposing notches. Compatible with all multi-gear cassettes and all standard width cogs and e-bike chainrings
  • Measures 32.4 x 10.2 x 3.2 cm and weighs 522g 

Pedros’ Vise Whip 2 is now in it’s second revision with some changes to the jaws to improve fit and functionality. The tool was developed in close collaboration with legendary frame builder and technical cycling author Lennard Zinn. 

I have to say that as a side note, the books Lennard Zinn has written are superb, I have a copy of “Zinn & the art of mountain bike maintenance” and it has such a wealth of technical information, I believe every bicycle workshop needs one. 

Have a look at these, they’re well worth the investment!


Anyway, back to the Vise Whip 2, this tool looks remarkably like a pair of modified mole grips, and if you have ever used a pair of mole grips then you are going to feel right at home with these. 

They have a durable matte black finish, presumably some form of powder coating to help protect your beloved tool.

The tool business end has a set of rollers on each jaw, these rollers are the same spacing as chain rollers to clamp onto the cassette teethe and secure the tool. There are also a set of nibs on the jaw tip, these are used for bottom bracket lock-rings when the notches are opposite each other.

There is a knurled adjustment knob on the back end of the tool for adjusting the jaw clamp distance, as a helpful reminder there is also a number gauge on the adjustment knob shank to indicate which gear it is set for. 

Common to nearly all mole grips is the lever to unlock the bull terrier like grip once the jaws are closed.

How do you use the Pedros Vise Whip 2?

When you need to remove your cassette normally you would need a chain whip to hold the cassette still and a cassette lockring removal tool on a wrench. These are like any other set of mole grips, firstly decide which gear you are going to clamp, traditionally chain whips work better on larger diameter gears but this tool will need to be used on some of the smaller ones (not the smallest lockring one)

Adjust the knob at the back until you reach the number that corresponds to the number of teeth on the selected gear. Locate the gear teeth into the jaw rollers on one of the jaws and then squeeze the handles until the other jaw rollers are positioned around the gear teeth on the opposite side. Continue squeezing the handles until the jaws lock, once the are licked you can use the tool to prevent the cassette spinning when you use the removal tool to loosen the lockring. To release the tool simply press the lever under the handle grip and the jaws will spring open again.

What Do Other Reviewers Think?

Generally people love this tool, there are lots of comments about how its made removing cassettes so much easier and safer than using chain whips. The majority are saying why have they never used this tool before, Pedros must have done something right with this one?

Final Thoughts

I really, really like this tool! It feels meaty and sturdy in the hands, it just feels like a well finished quality tool. The coating looks durable and I suspect it will protect it against typical knocks and drops in a workshop.

This tool just feels so much safer and more secure compared to a normal chain whip, it’s also quicker and a lot less faff to use than a chain whip. It helps keep your hands cleaner and prevents tearing your gloves on the gear teeth, you do use gloves? Don’t you?

One thing I have found is that the adjustment knob threaded shank could do with a touch of oil to make it smoother to turn.

The only major downside I can comment about this tool is the price, it is going to relieve your wallet of a substantial amount of cash BUT, like all quality tools you are making a sensible investment in a product that’s going to last and do the job well.

Last Words.

If you are a serious bicycle mechanic then BUY THIS TOOL!!!

Sure it’s a big outlay but the tool is worth it and you may find yourself wondering why have you never used one before.

It’s one of those tools that every bicycle workshop needs to have.

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